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Proof that every movie ending is improved by adding Walk of Life by Dire Straits

You know you love it

Proof that every movie ending is improved by adding Walk of Life by Dire Straits
14 March 2016

Anyone who doesn't admit that Dire Straits are brilliant is wrong.

Oh, they might be probably the world's most uncool band, forever associated with driving gloves, jacket and jeans and a sensible Volvo - and that's not even taking into account Mark Knopfler's headband - but the truth of the matter is that they made some serious tunes over the years. You don't sell over 100 million albums if you can't play.

Despite this manifest truism, we are forced to acknowledge that they sailed close to the cheese wind - and, if we're being honest, right into it - with Walk of Life, their mega-selling 1985 single based on an outrageously catchy organ riff.

And it turns out that using this none-more-happy musical motif drastically improves the ending of pretty much every movie ever made.

The Walk of Life Project is the brainchild of Peter Salomone, a video editor and writer, who has compiled a whole series of film endings with Dire Straits' rock 'n' roll classic soundtracking the final moments.

He spoke to Gizmodoand explained his thinking, saying, “My friend joked that Walk of Life would be the perfect funeral song. So then I just sort of melded that idea with my love of movie endings. I tried a few and I was surprised at how well they synced up. I didn’t re-edit the movie clips visually. I just found a good starting point for the song and the rest just fell into place. I’ve been working on it for two months, but I’ve been thinking about it for two years. I’d like to do more since people seem to enjoy it but my doctor says I need to take a break."

You can visit the website to watch them all, but we've picked our favourites below. It's very difficult to pick highlights, as they're all amazing.

Now if someone could do the same with Sultans of Swing, that'd be tremendous.

(Image: Rex)