Every Arnold Schwarzenegger Movie In 6 Minutes With James Corden


Arnold Schwarzenegger has a bigger filmography than most.

To be fair, the man’s got a bigger everything than most, but this isn't the time to talk about his muscles - this is time to watch James Corden pay homage to the icon’s career in just six minutes.

After helping Tom Hanks act out all his major films in eight minutes, the Late Late Show host has done likewise with Arnie, inviting him to recreate some of his best moments on screen in a breathless montage of scenes. 

Starting with early greats like Conan The Barbarian and Pumping Iron before moving on to his golden period in the late eighties, it is abundantly clear that Arnie hasn’t got any better at acting, though there’s no arguing that it’s still pretty epic. The sheer repertoire of one-liners is unreal.

Yakety Yak!


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