Easter bunny in shopping centre gets in fistfight with customers

*The above bunny is definitely a different bunny

This is the story you’ve been waiting for your entire life. One that you’ve dreamt about since you got your first camera phone or watched Trigger Happy TV. The one where a person dressed as an oversized anthropomorphic rabbit gets in a fist fight with normal people in a shopping mall.

The incident happened in Newport Mall, Jersey City and involved the Easter bunny exchanging blows with customers waiting in line to have their photos taken with him and thankfully because it’s 2016 it was all caught on video.

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Sadly the video appears to have missed how the fight actually started or the bit where the bunny removes his giant rabbit head (or has it punched clean off) but there’s still very little in life that compares to watching a furious man with fluffy legs and paws going full on Balboa on a crowd of people.

We’re not sure how the fight started but we’d like to assume it went like this:

“Yo rabbit head, where’s my chocolate eggs?”

“You’ll get your eggs in time, just wait your turn please kind sir.”

“F**k you and gimme me my chocolate, fluff face. You’re not even a real rabbit.”

“I’ll show you who’s a real rabbit…”


Watch the two part video below, complete with inappropriate language and flailing rabbit arms.

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