Driving this close to a tornado is just asking for trouble

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Joe Ellison

Food portions. Series of The Office. Balls of twine.

They just do things bigger in the US – even the weather.

It seems that while you were getting mild sunburn and dusting off the barbecue this past weekend, one plucky group of storm chasers in Wray, Colorado, were busy capturing the effects of a giant tornado on camera, taking us deep into the belly of the storm.

Ignoring normal protocol which is to drive like hell in the opposite direction, they drive right towards the terrifyingly majestic gale, giving us an eyeful of what it’s like to be whipped around inside a giant storm. Thankfully, as we can see, no cows were harmed in this clip. We think.

Quite how these heroes-cum-maniacs survived is one thing. How they had the gall to venture so close in the first place is another entirely. Perhaps it was just the draw of such a colossal sight in all its raw, deadly glory.

Mother nature, you alluring enchantress.


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Joe Ellison

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