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This popular driving myth has been busted and we're in shock

You've been lied to all this time

This popular driving myth has been busted and we're in shock

Just what is it with humans and their compulsive need to constantly lie?

From the day we’re born we’re bombarded with untruths: the tooth fairy, the Easter bunny, the baby stork.

What’s that? Father Christmas? Nah, he’s real, I get a present off him every year so he’s definitely out there, really busy at this time of year too.

And, of course, if those lies weren’t enough of a grounding in the way of saying literally anything you like, regardless of its grounding in reality, we now have an American president that is practicising the art on a daily basis.

Nonetheless, this one has really shook us up.

Remember being in the car as a kid at night, asking to put the light on so you could read your comic or whatever and your parents saying that couldn’t happen because it was illegal?

Yeah, that was a big fat lie.

The internet couldn’t believe it either.

Suddenly, people were questioning everything. Maybe there were a whole load of other myths out there that weren’t actually true after all?

Luckily, help was at hand.


Brb just heading out to drive barefoot to Dundee with a load of Toblerone and all of the interior lights on the whole way.

(Image: Mubariz Mehdizadeh)