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Donald Trump’s standard McDonald’s order has everyone asking a lot of questions

That's a lot of food

Donald Trump’s standard McDonald’s order has everyone asking a lot of questions

Considering all the terrible things Donald Trump has done before and during his presidency, you might expect his taste in food to barely scratch the surface in comparison.

‘What terrible things?’ I hear you ask. Well, there’s threatening nuclear war, sharing videos from Britain First, using a Black History Month speech to talk about himself, calling Barack Obama the ‘founder of ISIS’, kicking a baby out of a rally, and so on and so forth.

So, yeah, the food situation would need to be especially bad to even come close.

You know, things like ruining expensive steak by eating it well-done with ketchup, or using cutlery when he has food from KFC. Or, as it turns out, his baffling McDonald’s order.

You might think there’s no such thing as a ‘wrong’ McDonald’s order. You’d be wrong.

It’s almost more offensive to see this kind of behaviour from a man whose first name is 63% of the word ‘McDonald’s’. Yes, I’m counting the apostrophe as half a letter.

So, what could he have done that’s so egregious? Extra pickles on a Big Mac? A cheeseburger with ketchup and mustard but without a bun?

Not quite, but it’s still not what you would call healthy behaviour in any sense of the word.

Trump’s standard McDonald’s order has us asking a lot of questions

Trump’s standard Maccy D’s order is two Big Macs, two Filets-o-Fish, and a chocolate malted.

That’s according to Trump aide David Bossie and former campaign manager Corey Lewandowski in segments from their new book, Let Trump Be Trump.

The segment was published in the Washington Post, along with claims that “On Trump Force One there were four major food groups: McDonald’s, Kentucky Fried Chicken, pizza and Diet Coke”.

In case you were wondering, Axios have done the maths and figured out the meal comes to more than 2,400 calories and 111 grams of fat.

Of course, as you may remember, Trump doesn’t know how to eat pizza either, but we have one or two more questions.

The first query, which is more easily solved than the other, concerns the drink.

A Chocolate Malted isn’t available at McDonald’s in the UK, or listed on the current US site, but all signs point to it effectively just being a chocolate milkshake. We wouldn’t put it past over-eager staffers to bring him a regular chocolate milkshake after receiving an order from the commander-in-chief to bring him a menu item that doesn’t actually exist.

And speaking of things that don’t exist, you may remember Trump proclaiming his love for the restaurant chain’s ‘Fish Delight’ during a speaking engagement earlier this year.

That leaves us with three options: Either a) he’s just been calling a Filet-o-Fish a Fish Delight for all these years and no one has corrected him, b) a Fish Delight is a double-decker Filet-o-Fish which his staffers construct for him by ordering two sandwiches, or c) a Fish Delight is some kind of grotesque Frankenstein burger comprising a fish patty wedged inside a Big Mac, possibly with a drizzle of chocolate milkshake.

Frankly, we don’t want to know.

(Images: Rex / McDonald’s)