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Dog Sent to Boot Camp

Huge hound helped by fitness trainer

Dog Sent to Boot Camp

When fitness trainer Julie 'Hoffy' Hoffman wanted to help the Australian Working Dog Rescue centre in Victoria, she decided that direct action was the way to go.

Having originally planned to simply raffle a 10-session loyalty card to raise funds, she saw Gloria, a 4-year-old overweight kelpie herding dog, and enrolled her into a canine boot camp, in a bid to make her more adoptable.

She's been subjected to a series of workouts, and even has her own dog dumbbell in a bid to shed the pounds.

Working Dog Rescue's Victorian co-ordinator, Annie Fenby said: "It's sad to see a typically hard-working Australian herding dog this overweight. She's got to lose at least 15kg, or almost half her body weight. She was 35kg when she arrived."

Once Gloria has reached her target weight, she'll be rehomed, and striving to keep that weight off fur-ever.

Images: Alex Coppel/Newspix/Rex Features


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