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Doctor gets sued for playing vuvuzela

While he should have been saving lives

Doctor gets sued for playing vuvuzela
Danielle de Wolfe
22 November 2011

Cast your mind back to last summer. Aside from endless radio repeats of Katy Perry's California Girls, the vuvuzela was the most offensive sound in the world.

It was used as the official instrument of torture for the South African FIFA World Cup and if you've forgotten how annoying it was then here's a reminder.

While you expect football fans, children and generally evil people to use them frequently, you probably expected a little bit more from doctors. Spending important doctor time on causing vuvuzela noise pollution is something that would probably be included on an updated Hippocratic Oath.

In Bavaria, a doctor is being sued by a patient for playing a vuvuzela outside his practice. She claims that it caused her trauma, as she was suffering from tinnitus. The doctor has already offered her €2,000 (£1,700/$2,700) but she wants more. She's demanding €5,000 (£4,300/$6,760) damages plus €800 (£690/$1,080) compensation.

It's the latest in a bizarre rash of vuvuzela-related crimes, including the girl who was evicted from her flat for all-night vuvuzela parties.

This has to end.

(Image: Rex Features)