Deliveroo will deliver your takeaway to the park now

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Having a picnic in the park with a few drinks has got to be one of the nicest parts of the approximately three days of summer we get every year. You’re eating food! But outside! Man, it’s great.

Unfortunately, when you organise your own picnic, there’s the boring task of actually going into the shop, buying and then assembling the food. Boring. Waste of time. 

Luckily, your days of actually having to think about or prepare food are over! Because Deliveroo have launched a park delivery service.

The service will allow customers to meet delivery drivers at designated ‘meeting points’ to collect their food. And all you have to do is order through the app, get to the meeting point and collect your order, which seems deceptively simple.

Unfortunately, the service is currently only available in East London parks –  Victoria Park, London Fields, Haggerston Park, Hackney Downs and Highbury Fields to be precise. A full list of meeting points is below. 

If you don’t live in East London, though, I cannot help you. You are going to have to buy a packet of lukewarm cocktail sausages and some grapes like the rest of us. Sorry.

Deliveroo Meeting Points


  • Grove Rd Meeting Point: E3 5SN, meet at the centre of the park, on the middle of Grove Rd
  • South West Meeting Point: E9 7HR, meet by the south west entrance of the park, at the intersection of Gore Rd and Victoria Park Rd
  • North West Meeting Point: E9 5DX, meet at the north east entrance of the park, at the intersection of Cadogan Terrace, Victoria Park Rd and Wick Rd


  • East Meeting Point: E8 3PE, meet at the west side of the park, at the crossroad between Martello St and Martello Terrace
  • West Meeting Point: E8 4NH, meet at the west entrance of the park, at the intersection of Shrubland Rd and Lansdowne Drive


  • South East Meeting Point: E2 7AX, meet at the south east entrance of the park, near Hackney City Farm, at the intersection of Goldsmiths Row and Hackney Rd
  • North East Meeting Point: E2 8RX, meet at the north east entrance of the park, by the intersection of Dove Row and Nicholl St


  • South East Meeting Point: E5 8NN, meet opposite The New Testament Church of God, at the intersection of Cricketfield Rd and Queensdown Rd
  • North Meeting Point: E5 8NZ, meet at the north entrance of the park, by the cark park at the intersection of Downs Rd and Monro Way


  • East Meeting Point: N5 1QP, meet at the east side of the park, at the intersection of Highbury Pl and Calabria Rd
  • West Meeting Point: N5 1RT, meet at the west side of the park, at the intersection of Fieldway Cres and Highbury Cres


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