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Daniel Craig 'offered $150m' for two more Bonds

He'll be (moon)raking it in with this payday

Daniel Craig 'offered $150m' for two more Bonds
05 September 2016

You only sign twice...

Given his previous comments on a future as 007, telling Time Out he’d rather slash his wrists than don the monkey suit one more time, it would seem the world really would not be enough to keep Daniel Craig in the role of James Bond.

Not that this has stopped Sony from ploughing ahead anyway, with news the studio has now tabled an offer of $150m to sign the star back up for two more outings.

With four films already under his gadget-laden belt, and Spectre recently (moon)raking him in a hefty £48.66m, reports had been rife that he was hanging up the holster for good despite Sony’s continued attempts to keep him in the franchise – and what an asset he’s been…

It’s not hyperbolic to suggest Craig is one of the best Bonds of all time; he might just be the best of the lot. Mixing the muscular physicality of today’s Bourne-era with rugged charm, impeccable comic timing and the sort of acting ability that can expose the character’s many mental scars as few could, he’s brought England’s finest into the 21st century terrifically. And yes, even Quantum of Solace had its moments.

Though for all the money prospectively being thrown about, would Craig be right for the role anyway? Aged 48, he’ll have eclipsed half a century by the time another instalment hits cinemas. Sure, Roger Moore was 46 before his creaky-jointed Bond first hit screens, yet today’s all-action affairs require someone who can run through walls, not just spend 80 or so minutes camply raising an eyebrow toward camera. 

Furthermore, would Sony’s dogged pursuit of a man who clearly doesn’t want the part anymore be worth it? Stalwart fans have surely all but come to terms with Craig leaving for good (recent names attached to star in the next film range from young British actor Tom Hughes, to elder statesman Idris Elba, who seems destined to be talked about as Bond until he retires) and might not exactly be enamoured by the re-casting of an actor whose attitude towards the role bordered on the acidly indifferent during his last press tour.

Notoriously detesting of fame, such a great actor outside of the realm of machine gun-toting Aston Martins, we wouldn't blame Craig if he does decide to turn it down. 

At which point, Sony would probably offer the last ever tape Walkman and a bag of chips.