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Daily Routines Of Great Minds

Daily Routines Of Great Minds

Daily Routines Of Great Minds

Routines are tricky things. A structured day might arrest your potential, while the same ritual might fuel another man's Nobel Prize. That said, if you're looking to strike upon a more creative ritual, there can't be any harm in raiding history's greatest minds for inspiration.

The Creative Routines infographic by R J Andrews, based on Mason Currey's work Daily Rituals, breaks down the 24-hour routines of composers, writers and philosophers into superbly neat dials: sleep, primary work, employment, social activities and meals are marked out on a clock face, with additional notes filling out the thinker's lifestyle.

Yes, the assembled creatives are namely white men (with the exception of Maya Angelou), predominately hailing from the 18th and 19th century - they had little stopping them from rising to the top of social structures and none of them had YouTube to contend with. But then you're (hopefully) a touch better informed about healthy lifestlyes: 50 cigars a day (Freud) and evenings of strong vodka martinis (Auden) won't help you have a particularly long career doing anything.

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(Via: Hyperallergic)