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Cop chases himself after being mistaken for burglar

Wait, what?

Cop chases himself after being mistaken for burglar

After The Dark Knight Rises, Christopher Nolan is yet to choose his follow-up movie. We think we might be able to help.

It all started with a police officer who was monitoring a particularly crime-ridden town in the south of England. His job mainly involved watching various CCTV feeds to look for anything odd.

After he saw someone "acting suspiciously", he alerted a plain clothes officer in the area and directed him to where the suspect was heading. The chase went on for around 20 minutes until twist, a sergeant realised that the officer was actually chasing himself. It's a riddle wrapped up in an enigma.

The CCTV-watcher had got all confused by the whole plain clothes thing and set up a wild-goose chase.

The rather embarrassing incident was leaked to Police magazine (yes, apparently that is a thing). An anonymous source shared the story in great detail.

He said: "Every time the man darted in to another side alleyway, the PC was turning immediately into the same alleyway, but every time the CCTV operator asked what he could see there was no trace."

We imagine that the confused officer won't be put on CCTV duty again for a while...

[via The Daily Telegraph]

(Image: Rex Features)