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Comedians as art

Funny people, serious prices

Comedians as art
Danielle de Wolfe
07 February 2011

Comedians and artists have never really managed to engender a very functional relationship with one another. With their highbrow sensibilities, artists have always seemed an ideal target for spoofery. But in the past year, there's been a gradual shift towards peace.

With Banksy getting involved in The Simpsons and an entire exhibition dedicated to the great Bill Murray, it's time for hands to be shaken and backs to be patted.

LA Gallery 1988 have joined up in association with Funny or Die and hosted an exhibition where 100 artists have taken on 100 funny people and we have some of the best results here. Funny stuff, but rather less so when you look at the price list. Some of these pieces have been selling at $3,000...

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Bill Murray

NC Winters, Gallery 1988

Check out out gallery of more Bill Murray art here.

Jerry Seinfeld

Tom Haubrick, Gallery 1988

Billy Crystal

Ken Garduno, Gallery 1988

Ricky Gervais

Rich Pellegrino, Gallery 1988

Check out some of Ricky's best Golden Globe moments here.

John Belushi

Paul Blacko, Gallery 1988

Eddie Murphy

Sarah Sae Soh, Gallery 1988

Chris Rock

Augie Pagan, Gallery 1988

David Letterman

Ken Garduno, Gallery 1988

Dave Chappelle

Ryan Jones, Gallery 1988

Jon Lovitz

Nigel Sanders, Gallery 1988