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You will definitely believe Chris Pratt has fallen in love with a bacon sandwich

Haven't we all at one point?

You will definitely believe Chris Pratt has fallen in love with a bacon sandwich
25 April 2017

I would like to suggest that Radio 1 have established a new barometer of raw acting ability: how convincing is your romance with a bacon sandwich?

It’s no longer about how Oscars you’ve racked up, your rousing climactic speeches, your boundlessly expressive face or how quickly you can cry on demand. No. I just want to see if you can seduce a bacon sarnie. 

Chris Pratt passes this test, and is therefore a great actor. 

The Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 star was promoting his new film on Nick Grimshaw’s Breakfast Show this week, where he was presented with a pile of Britain’s first-choice Saturday morning hangover killers. The DJ then read out of a number of scenarios for Pratt to act out. We’ve seen Chris Pratt do serious, we’ve seen Chris Pratt do stupid, and we’ve seen Chris Pratt hold off three CGI raptors. Until now we’ve never seen Chris Pratt form an immediate on-screen connection with a bacon sandwich. This was uncharted territory. 

First up, Chris Pratt finds himself in a mostly-deserted spaceship, but Jennifer Lawrence has been subbed for you-know-what. Naturally, he names the sandwich Tony.

The outpouring affection is totally believable, so much so that the last thing we expect is for Pratt to con poor Tony into embracing him before mercilessly snapping his bready neck.

What a twist.

(Main image: Radio 1/YouTube)