Cassetteboy takes down Theresa May in a brand new election remix

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Carl Anka

“The government should be able to say more than ‘strong and stable’ and it’s wrong to believe the fable that I belong at the negotiation table”.

They say you end up being your harshest critic, but Theresa May’s latest comments about herself are a bit next-level. There’s self-deprecation and then there’s “Let’s not forget if it’s me you elect, it means a harmful far-right Brexit”.

Oh no wait. This isn’t quite the Prime Minister throwing in the towel ahead of June 8, but instead the conjurings of mischievous web wizard Cassetteboy, delightfully skewering Theresa May’s recent public outings with a brand new remix.

Soundtracked to Diana Ross’ ‘I’m coming out’ (or ‘Mo’ Money, Mo’ Problems’ for the hip hop fans out there), Casetteboy’s new remix is pretty damning over Theresa May’s recent performance as Prime Minister.

The new video is currently living on Youtube with the very simple description of “VOTE VOTE VOTE VOTE VOTE VOTE VOTE VOTE”.

While it doesn’t specify exactly who you should back, it’s pretty safe to say Cassetteboy won’t be voting for the Conservative Party this general election.