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Car v Bike in Tour de France

There was only going to be one winner

Car v Bike in Tour de France
10 July 2011

The ninth stage of the Tour De France was somewhat, erm, controversial.

Dutchman Johnny Hoogerland (extra points for ace surname) had to have 33 stitches in his leg after he was hit by a car.

Hoogerland and opponent Juan Antonio Flecha had been part of a five-man breakaway in Sunday's Issoire to Saint-Flour race.

But the pair were somewhat unfairly hit by an overtaking France TV car. Though it was definately not done intentionally, it really really looks it...

Hoogerland is the poor chap who was sent somersaulting into a barbed wire fence while Flecha meets tarmac earlier on. Both riders finished the race (man points) with Hoogerland stepping on to the podium, in tears, to receive the best climber's polka dot jersey. Fetching.

Image: Getty