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Brits drunk in 76% of Facebook Pics

*Remove tag*

Brits drunk in 76% of Facebook Pics
16 December 2011

Any headline that specifies Brits is something of a concern, and this one is no different.

A new study has revealed that we have admitted to being drunk in 76% of all Facebook images in which we are tagged.

More than half of those surveyed said that there were photographs of them on Facebook they would not want colleagues or employers to see, and 8 per cent admitted to appearing in pictures that could get them into "deep sh*t" at work.

It's fine though because we're getting revenge. The poll also found that two thirds of Brits had intentionally tagged friends in embarrassing photos. That's resulted in 93% of us saying we're removed tags potentially compromising because the imaged are too embarrassing.

All of this seems odd when a quarter said their account's privacy controls were set to allow anyone to view snaps where they've tagged. One in 10 stopped even their friends accessing them while the majority, 58 %, said they allow their Facebook friends to view photos in which they were tagged.