Bradley Cooper's doppelgänger wreaked havoc at Sundance Festival

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Chris Sayer

It must be sooo annoying being the spitting image of Hollywood heartthrob Bradley Cooper. Just imagine all those beautiful women walking up to you, all those exclusive parties you can gatecrash, all the DJ booths you can hijack and totally suck in only for the crowd to still go wild. How terrible. 

It's a totally hellish existence that one Matt Katzenbach has to live through (and expertly exploit) day after day, proof of which lies in this hilarious video. 

So convincing is this Cooper look-a-like, who has earned the moniker Cradley Booper, that by simply walking into an unsuspecting party at last month's Sundance Festival he has men, women and an 'old person' all clambering to take photos with the sham star. He has drinks bought for him by pretty ladies. DJ booths are offered up to him like Christmas gifts. Perhaps the funniest of all, though, is the dance floor of revellers that can be seen eating out of the palm of his hand even though he has the mixing skills of a grizzly bear in boxing gloves.

You'll never be able to watch a Bradley Cooper film again without thinking, "hold on, is, no, surely not."


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