Bookcases forged from earthquake rubble


Given that shaking books are often the first indicator of an imminent ground tremor, it’s fairly fitting that printed literature should be the prime beneficiary of Northern Italy’s 2012 earthquake, ‘Emilia’.

This is down to designer Patricia Urquiola, whose Earthquake 5.9 collection has taken hundreds of quake-struck slabs from the disaster to sculpt an array of cutting-edge bookcases which have then been layered with marble and onyx.

Other household highlights include a coffee table inspired by ancient Japanese origami with a 90° bend, fishbone wall inlay and vase cylinders - all boasting the geometric aesthetic you’d expect from pieces bore from nature’s unwavering might.

No word as yet on when the pieces will be put on sale, or for how much, but at least until your pair of battle-worn Nike Air Max are turned into speakers, this should top your recycled furniture wish list.


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