Someone has put a blue plaque outside Boris Johnson's house and yes, just yes


Couple of facts about Boris Johnson. If you combine his face with Donald Trump's, you get Owen Wilson. He once smashed a 10-year-old Japanese boy to the ground. He is the Foreign Secretary of the United Kingdom.

If facts one and two make you laugh and fact three makes you shudder violently before falling to the floor in distress, then you've come to the right place.

Thankfully everyone from US journalists to Twitter is in agreement that old BJ is not the ideal candidate for the job, which has lead one protester to leave a mocking faux-English Heritage blue plaque outside his house.

The plaque, in reference to Brexit, reads: "Boris Johnson, 1964 -, BOJO, destroyer of cosmopolitan unity & passer of buck lives here." 

The sign-placer and hero-of-our-times agreed to speak to Metro on the condition of anonymity, and revealed the true extent of his disdain for BoJo, 

"Boris has destroyed my city as an act of callous arrogance," they said. 

"He gets away with it. He’s unpeggable in every way you’d care to mention. People are going to have to move. People’s lives are going to be seriously messed up because he thought it was the best way to become prime minister.

"If that’s not callous, I don’t know what is."