Bill Murray just stole a stranger's chips and got away with it - because he's Bill freaking Murray


When you’re screen legend Bill Murray, a man for whom normal rules don’t apply, you can pretty much do whatever the hell you want.

Crashing bachelor parties? Performing poetry to construction workers? Singing karaoke with random college kids? All in a day’s work for the Lost in Translation star, who regularly goes above and beyond in giving random members of the public a great story to take to tell their grandkids.

Well now the comic icon has been caught in the act again, brazenly stealing chips from a man in a US airport.

Spotted looming over a stranger’s meal, the comic icon can be seen dipping down to grab some French fries for himself, no doubt to the utter confusion of the man snacking away. Fortunately for the man having his food pilfered by this silver fox, a friend was on hand to snap a photo of the event going down. 

Which was important, because according to Murray legend, the holy one will often prank members of the public by doing something they wouldn’t expect before telling them that nobody will ever believe them. Which was a fate this man narrowly avoided.

Talk about being stung by the bill.