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5 ways to answer 'What are your biggest strengths?' in a job interview

How to ace your next interview, boyo

5 ways to answer 'What are your biggest strengths?' in a job interview
03 October 2018

Job interviews are always pretty nerve-wrecking. I reckon even the manliest man of all the men Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson still gets the tummy jitters when he’s auditioning for his next big mega-successful Hollywood film.

And one awkward question we’re often confronted with during an interview is: What are your biggest strengths?

Obviously, you don’t want to go overboard and blurt out something dumb like ‘I’m so freaking dedicated I will permanently move into the office.’ And you can’t low-ball it, either, and say something unimpressive like ‘I know Microsoft Word’ – that’s just embarrassing.

But thanks to a new survey from NetQuote, via Fast Company, we’ve got the perfect list of responses for when you’re applying for your dream job. You’re welcome, folks.

Banish interview nervousness with these top tips

1. I’m a good problem solver

42% of hiring managers said this was the best response you can give when asked about your strengths.

“Compared to some other strengths, problem solving can feel like a more concrete skill that yields immediate benefits,” says NetQuote’s Rita Murphy.

2. I’m an excellent communicator

Next up, and selected by 32% of managers, is the ability to communicate well with a team.

“Communication encompasses not only speaking skills, but also your ability to lead, critique, and ask for help,” says Murphy. “Being adept in various communication methods also shows emotional intelligence.”

3. I have strong time management skills

30% of managers said time management was an important skill they looked out for in potential applicants.

“Time management is more than just completing tasks on time,” says Murphy. “An employer cares about how you spend the time leading up to a deadline as well.”

4. I’m honest

Some 21% of hiring managers like to hear about honesty in their candidates.

“Hiring managers want to know that you will be trustworthy in your position,” says Murphy. “It can be difficult to maintain a workplace that fosters integrity, especially in heavily competitive industries. If the person is going to be in a management role, it is even more important to have demonstrable honest skills.”

5. I’m super determined

Determination was chosen by 20% of managers because it shows the applicant knows what they’re looking for in their next role and beyond, says Murphy.

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