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These are the best cities in the world for millennials

Is yours on the list?

These are the best cities in the world for millennials
02 March 2018

We hear a lot about how tough life is for millennials – and rightfully so. We have no money! None of us have a pension! We’re forced to live a life of penury in a series of dilapidated rental properties! 

But in some places, it may not be so bad – at least not according to apartment search engine, Nestpick, which has analysed 110 cities around the world based on what they offer to millennials.

Criteria included availability of work, affordability, tolerance and openness and, finally, levels of fun. Nestpick say they “delved deeply into what millennials truly care about”, and found that despite the fact they “often garner negative press or their perceived sense of entitlement and apathy” – cheers, lads – most millennials actually care more about housing and human rights than partying. 

Hipster favourite Berlin topped the list – apparently down to its great nightlife, start-up business opportunities, inclusivity, transport system and food and drink. It’s also much more affordable than some of the other cities on the list – notably London. 

Berlin, apparently the top city for millennials to live in

Canadian city Montréal was in second place, with a good health ranking, and a high friendliness score for the LGBT community and immigrants.

The best UK city was London, in third place – despite its unaffordable housing market. It scored high for education – with plenty of top universities – a healthy start-up scene, openness and tolerance, and “ready access to contraception”.

The only other UK city in the top ten was Manchester, in tenth place, which also boasts access to contraception, great nightlife and high immigration tolerance. Further down the list were Bristol and Glasgow.

The full list is as follows:

  1. Berlin, Germany
  2. Montréal, Canada
  3. London, United Kingdom
  4. Amsterdam, Netherlands
  5. Toronto, Canada
  6. Vancouver, Canada
  7. Barcelona, Spain
  8. New York City, USA
  9. Cologne, Germany
  10. Manchester, United Kingdom
  11. Hamburg, Germany
  12. Bristol, United Kingdom
  13. San Francisco, USA
  14. Austin, USA
  15. Paris, France
  16. Miami, USA
  17. Munich, Germany
  18. Lisbon, Portugal
  19. Glasgow, United Kingdom
  20. Madrid, Spain

“Millennials grew up in a shrinking world, where the internet opened doors their parents never could have dreamed of, and budget airlines made those avenues real possibilities. It’s now possible to live and work anywhere in the world, and these opportunities are shaping how our planet will look to future generations,” says Ömer Kücükdere, Managing Director of Nestpick. 

“We must learn to adapt to the needs of younger people in order to have a thriving economy, and we believe that this ranking offers valuable insights to those cities looking for regeneration from a younger demographic.”

So if you’re sick of your hometown and fancy a change – you’d do worse than one of these. 

(Image: Andrew Welch / Unsplash / iStock)