Ben Affleck's brutally honest DVD commentary for Armageddon is absolutely hilarious

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Chris Sayer

You need a special kind of obsessive fandom, or just a very long and lonely afternoon to kill, to watch an entire movie with the DVD commentary turned on.

Do you really need to hear a director bleat on about his inspired frame composition in the kissing scene? Do you really want to endure 150 minutes of a self-involved Hollywood star convince himself he was the one reason you bought the movie in the first place?


But you do need to hear Ben Affleck tearing strips off his 1998 apocalypse drama Armageddon. Oh boy, you really need to hear it.

Instead of the self-applauding and back-patting you get from lesser DVD commentaries, ‘Fleck drops some absolutely phenomenal truth bombs about the science-defying flick, so much so that our lunch plans have just changed to ‘Go to CEX and find a copy of Armageddon immediately’.

Stuff like:

“I asked Michael [Bay, director] why it was easier to train oil drillers to become astronauts than it was to train astronauts to become oil drillers, and he told me to shut the f*ck up. So that was the end of that talk.”

And other insightful comments, such as:

“I mean, this is a bit of a logic stretch. They don’t know jack about drilling? How hard can it be? Aim the drill at the ground and turn it on!”

Hey, Ben Affleck, if you’re reading this, can we be mates? A quick pint, perhaps? Dinner? a movie we'd happily let you talk over? Ben? BEN?


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