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There's a very strange new trend predicted in baby names for 2019


There's a very strange new trend predicted in baby names for 2019
12 December 2018

There’s nothing like a list of baby names to make us wonder whether we’re out of touch or whether it’s the people naming the children that are wrong.

We’ve already tried to work our way through 2018’s predicted names, including Dalston and Nova, while we know names like Ian, Roger and Frank are on their way out.

Don’t worry, though, we won’t be naming kids after tube stations or cars in 2019. Oh no, we’ve moved onto something much more sensible… shoes.

Among the baby names trending upwards in 2018 are a large number associated with brands of trainers.

That’s according to BabyCenter, who may have bent the rules a little bit by including names like ‘Max’ and ‘Jordan’ which we’re pretty sure aren’t always references to Nike designs.

Cortez, Monarch and Falcon, though? Who’s to say what goes through the heads of the parents choosing those names.

We’re looking forward to 2020, by which time parents will presumably have moved on from shoes to… oh, I don’t know, fast food chains?

A ton of babies called Ronald, Wendy and Domino might not be as far away as you think.

After all, we’ve already seen a return for Harland, thanks to a KFC campaign.

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