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Axl Rose is trying to get Google to remove his fat photos

Appetite for destruction

Axl Rose is trying to get Google to remove his fat photos

Sweet child of mine, serial fusspot Axl Rose has now fallen out with, erm, Google.

Yep, seemingly out of people to fall out with, the Guns ‘N’ Roses singer, currently moonlighted as the frontman of AC/DC, has turned his ire to the internet giant, demanding it deletes all the photos of him from a 2010 gig now associated with the “fat Axl Rose” meme.

Back in 2012, you may remember, Rose wrote a 1,000 word open letter to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, refusing his part in an impending induction of his band. Well now he’s attempting to rewrite history once again, targeting the search engine’s images blotted with such puns as ‘Knock, Knock, Knocking on McDonald’s Door’ and ‘Welcome to the Jungle, We Got Tons of Cake’.

Filed through web privacy firm Web Sheriff, Rose’s claim is that the images from the show, taken by Canadian photographer Boris Minkevich and originally published in the Winnipeg Free Press, are actually his own property. Which, in short, means the search engine doesn’t have any right in hosting them in the first place.

The frontman also claims all photographers at the concert were required to sign a release form, although Minkevich has come out to say he doesn’t recall whether he actually signed one or not. So expect it to rumble on.

Ironically, of course, we’re pretty sure this case will only ensure more people see those brilliant memes of his sweaty, tubby face. Let’s hope it’s resolved soon.

As they say, Live and Let Diet - and in the meantime, enjoy six classics of the genre below.