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Avocado ale invented

Avocado ale invented

Avocado ale invented
20 August 2013

A wise man once described the average life cycle of the avocado as the following: Not ready. Not ready. Not ready. Not ready. Not ready. Not ready. Not ready. RIPE! Gone off.

A wiser man, by the name of Dieter Forstner, decided to use this most frustratingly delicious of fruits in a more accessible format: ale. The brewmaster of the Los Angeles-based Angel City Brewery combined Californian avocados from his grandmother's own crop (it's okay, our grandmother doesn't have an avocado farm either) with coriander and some other secretive ingredients to create this most bizarre of brews.

The wider purpose of the ale (as if there needed to be one) is to mark the beginning of the Californian avocado season, for which Angel City Brewery are holding their own guacamole festival. If only all seasons were marked with their own beverage - here's to the mass production of potato vodka and orange tequila.

(Via: Foodbeast)

(Images: Rex)