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Boy, 12, has a row with his parents and flies to Bali in a huff

An overreaction you can get behind

Boy, 12, has a row with his parents and flies to Bali in a huff
24 April 2018

We’ve all had arguments with our parents, whether over important stuff like GETTING A SUPER SOAKER CPS 2000 or less important stuff, like politics - the fact remains, it happens, it’s a part of growing up. But post-argument, what’s the best course of action? Well, taking the cat into your bedroom, slamming the door and headbutting the pillow, isn’t it?

Or, it could be, as demonstrated by a 12-year-old Australian boy, flying all the way to Bali

The original argument started because the family were actually due to fly there for a holiday, but they cancelled it at the last minute, causing a rather stubborn and unexpected reaction from the young mule. You see, the boy stormed off to Sydney airport, used a self-service check-in terminal (and his parents’ credit card), boarded a flight to Perth, then connected to Bali.

Once there, he checked into a hotel by telling staff he was waiting for his sister to arrive. He had all the bases covered - a regular mini-Frank Abagnale.

The little legend told A Current Affair that he was questioned by airline officials only once in Perth:

“They just asked for my student ID and passport to prove that I am over 12 and that I am in secondary school.

He’s down there somewhere

“It was great because I wanted to go on an adventure.”

Don’t we all, mate.

Of course, this carefree excursion wasn’t so carefree for his parents, who didn’t have the foggiest where he was, and reported him missing. Thankfully, Australian police were made aware of his presence in Bali, nine days after they were first alerted to his disappearance. So while he was swanning about on the beach, macking chicks and pinning coladas, his parents were tearing their hair out and screaming over his whereabouts. Shouldn’t have cancelled the holiday then, Mum.

He was eventually reunited with his parents, with his mother saying “There is no emotion to feel what we felt when we found he left overseas.” 

Presumably, the emotion they are now feeling is you are getting grounded you little shit.

But how did this all happen? Well, police are reviewing the case to make sure it doesn’t happen again - it all seemed extremely easy, after all. A spokesperson said:

“A travel alert to prevent international travel was not placed on this boy.” No duh, Mr. Obvious.

Either way, this kid has something special - he needs to be a spy or something. Or at least a very good conman. Lots of money on the way for this kid regardless. Put him on your team.

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