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David Attenborough has probably made his last 'proper' documentary :(

Are the credits finally rolling on Attenborough's TV career?

David Attenborough has probably made his last 'proper' documentary :(

We knew that this day would arrive sooner or later, we just hoped that we wouldn't be around to see it.

David Attenborough, having filled our screens for almost as long as Lonesome George plodded around the Galapagos Islands, might finally be putting his feet up and it's a bloody tragedy. 

According to Attenborough's veteran producer Anthony Geffen, the BBC series Great Barrier Reef will be the last time we see the near-nonagenarian jetting around the world: Speaking to The Guardian he said “I feel this one is the last of what I call ‘on-the-road’ David Attenboroughs.”

Sure, it won't be the last time that we haer his knowledge-laden breathy vocals of wisdom laying down the facts on our TV screens, he is still due to narrate the BBC’s upcoming Planet Earth documentary, but it would appear that his days of trekking through the jungle are over.

Geffen explained, probably with a tear in his eye: "He’ll do narrations forever. But I think the idea of taking Attenborough... for a year to two years on a project where he’s involved intensely and goes on locations a lot throughout – I think at 90, that can’t go on forever."

"Will he stop? No, he’ll never stop. In fact he’s often said to me... the best way to go would be on the road... In some ways I hope that’s the case, because that’s what he loves: he loves being out there."

After first appearing on the BBC way back in 1954 he’s due a well-earned rest ­- although this milestone hasn’t stopped the Queen, so maybe we should demand some more Attenborough gold. He is TV royalty after all. 

(Image: Wikimedia Commons)

Larger than life Attenborough even has his own mural in Sheffield. (Source: Geograph)