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Artist takes 20 different drugs and creates 20 different (weird) illustrations

"The entire project has compromised my sanity, my finances, and my reputation"

Artist takes 20 different drugs and creates 20 different (weird) illustrations

San Francisco-based graphic designer Brian Pollett has done what any physician would strongly advise you not to do - take a different narcotic every day for 20 days.

They weren't all class A's, though: he spent his last day high on love, which is probably just as well given the possible state of his mind, body and soul. 

With the few brain cells he has left, he described the experience as something he'd wanted to do for years and that psychedelics have changed his core being. 

It's hardly a surprising outcome, but at least he's answered the time-old question "I wonder what the artist was smoking when he did that".

Needless to say, the results are pretty trippy and watching the process even more so.

Day 1 - Butylone

Butylone was once a favourite aphrodisiac and social lubricant. Now graphic designers use it to digitally paint something that looks like it's come out of Mars Attacks.

Day 2 - G.H.B

G.H.B is a bit like anaesthetic. Pollett says he prefers "printing solvents or good old American brewed liquor."

Day 3 - Codeine

Pollett created this on Lean, a purple drink often referenced by rapper made up of Codeine, sprite and Malt Liquor if you have little need for your liver.

Day 4 - T.H.C

The green is a hint here.

Day 5 - Alcohol

Pollett's drink of choice was a Moscow Mule as he paid tribute to Ziggy. 

Day 6 - Nitrous

This makes total sense.

Day 7 - Cocaine

Pollett describes this as a "first world perspective on cocaine". 

Day 8 - Psilocybin

This is shrooms to you and me. 

Day 9 - 4-HO-MIPT

This psychedelic took Pollett on a journey of appreciation, love, positivity and self-belief. Basically, like that guy at a party that no-one can talk to for more than ten minutes. 

Day 10 - Poppers

Pollett described that weird creature as the first time he's painted an anus. Which is fitting. 

Day 11 - DMT

Another psychedelic, Pollett revealed that he taped his pen to his finger and organized a whole array of easily manipulated vectors and assets that he could play with in case he forgot how to art. 

Day 12 - Ether

Ether has anesthetic effects, and judging by this picture doesn't look all that fun.

Day 12 - 25I

According to Pollett, this stuff blows your mind.

"I always know if I am to take 25i, I should hide my wallet, not look at facebook, make sure music is always playing no matter the cost, and make sure the entire house is clean or else you will witness; your roomate's half eaten burrito turn into an alien's nebulous scrotum, bleeding a river of melted rainbows. But since I took the necessary precautions, my mind blowing experience did not involve extra-terrestrial genitals." 

Day 14 - MXE

MXE is related to ketamine and PCP, but is stronger. Which completely explains this painting.

Day 15 - MDMA

For Pollett, MDMA is a type of therapy which taught him how to love himself. 

Day 16 - Amphetamine

Pollett: "Good people do drugs. Bad people take all the credit."

Day 17 - Mescaline

This was inspired by a porch decoration. We think?

Day 18 - Ketamine

This sums up the feeling of melting pretty well. 

Day 19 - LSD

This kind of looks like the Solitaire end game screen, but trippier. 

Day 20 - Love

By the end of his journey, Pollett had found his definition of love. "For me, Love is not limited to sex and romance. Love is dedication to uplifting a person or idea to help them achieve their highest potential."

We found a reason not to do 20 drugs in 20 days.