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Apple have released a red iPhone and that is very important

And not just because it's red

Apple have released a red iPhone and that is very important

Black? Boring, really, too safe. Silver? Pretty shit mate, tbh. Jet black? A bit better. Gold? Come on, you’re not Lil Wayne. Rose gold? OK, I suppose.

They are the colours that you can get the iPhone 7 in. They are all a bit boring. If you want a silly colour then you have to get a plastic cover. But do you want a silly plastic cover? No, you want a cool, metallic RED one and that’s it – that’s what you want, and that’s what you need.

Now you can. You can get a cool new iPhone 7 in a wicked and criss red shell, and that is, as I mentioned before, very important. But it’s actually important, because it’s been released in celebration of Apple’s ten-year sponsored_longform with Red, a charity created by noted iTunes-invader Bono and activist Bobby Shriver to join the fight against AIDS.

If you grab one of these fancy new devices, some of the profits will head Red’s way and end up in grants that help with testing and treatment of HIV and AIDS. Apple is already the world’s largest corporate donor to The Global Fund to Fight AIDS, having sent more than 130 million big bucks their way. This new collaboration will only increase that huge sum.

Along with the new snazzy phone, Apple has also released a new fun video app called Clips, which enables you to record video with a load of silly filters on it. It’s a bit like Snapchat, basically, but made by Apple.

The iPhone 7 will be out this Friday and start at £699, with an iPhone 7 Plus also available, starting at £819.