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Angry, stupid racists are getting very mad at a non-existent mosque

Today on 'Racists Are Dumb As Hell'...

Angry, stupid racists are getting very mad at a non-existent mosque

After all these years, you might think it was impossible for racists to get any stupider. You would be wrong.

Whether it’s falling for a clearly satirical story about Big Ben being renamed Massive Mohammed, or screwing up ‘Blue Lives Matter’ T-shirts, or this moment of idiocy, there seems to be a correlation between racist views and outright stupidity. Who would’ve thought!

A few years ago, there was uproar among certain corners of the internet over the appearance of a ‘mosque’ at the Labour Party conference.

Except it wasn’t a mosque. It was the Brighton Pavilion, which was built in the late 18th Century. You’d think people would be familiar with it – especially in relation to the Labour conference, which has been held in Brighton eight times since 2000 – but no.

The Brighton Pavilion, which is beautiful, but is not a mosque

That didn’t stop a number of angry racists from getting extremely Mad Online about it, of course.

Credit to @DanKaszeta for his patience in trying to deal with this guy, but we definitely found ourselves getting stupider reading the exchange.

If you thought this all seems familiar, you’d be right.

We had pretty much the exact same conversations, followed by the exact same despair, back in 2013, while it was reported in 2015 that one of then-leader Ed Miliband’s aides had cancelled a photoshoot outside the pavilion in case people made the same mistake again.

Either people have short memories, they’re really stupid, or both.

Who are we kidding, it’s definitely both.

Here are some more examples of the reaction to this year’s mosque controversy, in case you thought it was just one person.

Who could have possibly predicted this?

Oh, right.

(Images: Twitter/Peter Walker/Rex Features)


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