Angry Brexiteer Malcolm Baker is the new Ronnie Pickering

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Dave Fawbert

Remember Ronnie Pickering? Of course you do. Who could forget Ronnie Pickering.

A true local celebrity, who was absolutely incredulous that an innocent biker – who he’d impatiently tooted and then abused – didn’t know who he was. Ironically, of course, an action that meant that we do all now know who Ronnie Pickering is.

Well, stand aside Ronnie, because we have a new local hero to toast. Behold: Malcolm, Malcolm Baker.

Malcolm, Malcolm Baker, 65 years old today (happy birthday Malcolm, Malcolm Baker) was confronting Liberal Democrat leader Tim Farron as he was on the election trail in Kidlington, Oxfordshire on Wednesday.

With the Lib Dems campaigning on a Remain ticket, this was like a red rag to the bull that is Malcolm, Malcolm Baker, who angrily took umbrage with Farron’s suggestion that some who voted Leave in the referendum “did not know what they were voting for”, although Farron seems to dispute that given his repetition, fully seven times, of “Who said that?”

Baker makes his point, saying: “We did know. I voted leave, and I’m proud to have voted and I knew what I was voting for.”

Which is fair enough. Although a viewpoint that’s instantly undermined when, fully in the grip of his Pickering-style rage, he manages to say that he’s proud that his grandkids “will be coming out of Britain” following the Brexit vote.

He then really lays the smack down on Farron by saying that he hopes he “gets beat” and only wins the really specific number of six seats. Why he didn’t say none, I have no idea. But six is bad we guess? It’s not enough to form a government, we’re pretty sure about that.

However, there’s two highlights yet to come.

Firstly – and this is the best, we’ll admit – when Malcolm decides he hasn’t quite had his full say and announces: “I tell you what, I’ve always voted Labour, but I’ll be voting for Thereeeesa May” to which one Lib Dem supporter instinctively replies “you fucking idiot”.

And the second is when he declares, about the UK: “We are a fantastic company”.

Honestly, it really is a mystery why more politicians don’t do more talking to the general public isn’t it?


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