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America's saddest city is...

Melancholic drum roll please

America's saddest city is...

Anyone living in England, or somewhere equally weather-challenged, will assume that those who are blessed with constant sunshine must also be blessed with constant happiness.

Alternating their time between barbecues, swimming, eating ice cream and generally frolicking in the sun, life must be a blast. Oh how wrong we can be.

A recent Men's Health poll examined suicide and unemployment rates, people who use antidepressants and people who generally feel a bit blue to work out which city in America was the saddest.

The answer? St, Petersburg, Florida.

In fact Florida was generally found to be a rather depressing place to live with Tampa, Miami, Jacksonville and Orlando also being included in the top 20. Or bottom 20.

At the other end of the spectrum, Honolulu was found to be the happiest.

Here are the saddest cities:

1. St. Petersburg, FL

2. Detroit, MI

3. Memphis, TN

4. Tampa, FL

5. Louisville, KY

6. St. Louis, MO

7. Birmingham, AL

8. Miami, FL

9. Reno, NV

10. Las Vegas, NV

(Image: Rex Features)