Amazing video shows daredevil backflip over speeding race car


Sometimes in life, you just have to take a leap of faith.

Miserable at work? Just quit. Nervous about approaching that special someone? Take a deep breath and stride on over. Standing in the path of a race car hurtling towards you at 100 kilometres per hour? Backflip over that bad boy.

Well, Hollywood stuntman, professional freerunner and certified nutcase Damien Walters did just that – standing with his back to a Formula E racer traveling towards him at full throttle, Walters had to time his leap to perfection, or risk getting splattered all over the tarmac.

The stuntman, whose movie credits include Skyfall and Captain America, looks surprisingly calm as he prepares for the jump – especially considering just how far from a safe landing his practice flips were.

Publicity stunts usually involve giant billboards or scantily clad models, so all credit to FIA Formula E Championship for upping the ante in these promotional videos ahead of their event in Paris this Saturday, and the London leg of the championship on 2 July.

Skip to 0:54 in the video below to watch the stunt from the driver’s perspective. Flippin’ insane.