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All the reasons why Octopuses are the greatest animals in the world

Turns out they see colours in a properly brilliant way

All the reasons why Octopuses are the greatest animals in the world

Octopuses are the greatest animals living on planet Earth. Fact.

We've got a whole gallery of reasons to convince you as to why this is so - but it starts with a new piece of research from researchers at the University of California, Berkeley and Harvard University.

In short - the humble octopus sees colours in a totally unique, insanely cool way.

They change the shape of their eyes to view different colours

It's long been thought that cephalopods (the big squid family) are colour blind - or rather, have monochromatic vision. It's due to the the odd shape of their eyes and pupils (like the octopus eye pictured here).

This makes little sense though, given that this species is also able to change colour - which is awesome.

new study by the father/son team of Alexander and Christopher Stubbs suggests that cephalopods are able to change the shape of their eye to focus in on individual colours they might be seeing. As such, they wouldn't see a mix of colours, but squash and enlarge their eyeball to focus different wavelengths of light.

This process is believed to be better suited to detecting colours in the low-light environment of their aquatic homes. Basically, they're better at seeing colour underwater than you are, thanks to squashy eyeballs.

Which helps explain how they figure out how to change colour

They have the most insane camouflage skills you've ever seen. Or, rather, not seen. 

They're super intelligent

Okay, not like Hawkins-intelligent - but the average octopus is more intelligent than your beloved dog. 

Observe this little guy use coconuts as a shield/tool/safety mechanism. Just brilliant.

They can fit through anything their beak can squeeze through

The only 'hard' part of an octopus is it's "beak" mouth. That means that if the beak fits, the rest of its body can be squeezed through any manner of crack or crevice. 

Which is terrifying. 

They can solve problems

Look at it, solving that problem. 

No one is safe

Think they only hunt stuff in the ocean? Think again, as you watch in horror at the spectacle of an unwitting seagull being grabbed from beneath the waves, dragged into a grim embrace.