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Add some flavour to your weekend

ShortList’s Tom Bailey becomes a master of the mix, thanks to some expert advice from Smirnoff.

Add some flavour to your weekend

ShortList’s Tom Bailey recently discovered that making interesting beverages at home could not be easier. With a bit of thought, passion and an open mind, he transformed himself into a master of the mix. A total beginner, but one all the same.

“It’s fair to say that the manufacture of tiny Hawaiian umbrellas is a dying art,” Tom says. “Judging by what goes on in the fanciest mixology bars, you’d be forgiven for thinking the barman was playing with his chemistry set– not making you a delicious drink. But it turns out that making a great mixed drink at home is easy – as I discovered when I tried my hand at a Smirnoff Jam Collins. With a little expert help, I pretty much nailed it on the first go. OK, nearly nailed it.

“The secret is simple: keep your flavours balanced. Not too sweet, not too sour. Sure, not everyone has fresh blueberries or organic lychees to hand – but you can always sweeten a fruity cocktail with a dollop of jam. And if you want a bit of razzle dazzle, just stick a tiny Hawaiian umbrella in it...”

Many of us don’t bother making tasty drinks, thinking it’s too complicated, or because of a lack of ingredients. But after spending the day with Smirnoff barman Frankie Campopiano, Tom is a convert to mixing great drinks.

The recipe below is for a Smirnoff Jam Collins, but the best bit about this drink is that you can use jam, marmalade or something else sweet if you prefer. The video above shows a delicious twist using marmalade: the Smirnoff Marmalade Collins.


● 50ml Smirnoff

● 1tsp sugar

● 1tsp jam, in a flavour of your choice*

● 25ml lemon juice, and a lemon wedge to garnish

● Soda water


Step 1 Fill a jar with a generous amount of ice, then add the Smirnoff, lemon juice, sugar and jam. Put on the lid and shake.

Step 2 Remove the lid and top with soda water and a bit more ice.

Step 3 Add a lemon wedge to garnish.

Step 4 Serve the drink in the jar.

*You can use whichever flavour of marmalade or jam you want, depending on your taste preference.

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