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Adam Driver exits 'exhausting' Star Wars franchise confirming he's 'not doing any more’ films

However, the Hollywood legend hinted at future plans for the hit franchise

Adam Driver exits 'exhausting' Star Wars franchise confirming he's 'not doing any more’ films
Danielle de Wolfe
09 January 2024

Adam Driver has described how he made life on the set of Star Wars "more exhausting than it should have been", as the star addressed rumours surrounding his character's return.

Despite dying a hero at the end of 2019's The Rise of Skywalker, the Hollywood star admitted that he found the experience of playing Kylo Ren a tricky one.

“I’m not doing any more,” Driver said during a recent interview on the SmartLess podcast.
Confirming his character's death had ensured his journey as part of the franchise had officially come to an end, the actor added the franchise was “doing stuff, but not with me”.
“You’re done because the character’s done?” Smartless co-host Sean Haynes pushed as part of the recent interview.
“Yes,” the Hollywood star responded.

The latest instalment in the hit franchise saw John Boyega’s character Finn and Oscar Isaac’s character Poe survive, hinting a future return was on the cards.

However, Driver‘s character Kylo was seen to perish - and despite Star Wars' nack for resurrecting the dead, it appears this really was the final curtain call for Ren.

Adam Driver labels Star Wars 'exhausting' and confirms he's 'not doing any more’ films

“Star Wars was way more exhausting for me … I made it more exhausting than it should have been,” Driver added.
“I hadn’t quite figured out the momentum of a set that was that big before. All the things I had worked on were pretty small and moved pretty fast …
"The director sets the pace of the set. I don’t like to control that. I have to adjust. Spike Lee and [Steven] Soderbergh shoot really fast.
"For me that’s not comfortable, but it’s there movie and their film so I adjust.”

As part of the saga, Ben Solo transferred his life essence to Rey to revive her at the tail end of the last film.

Sharing a suitably dramatic on-screen kiss before his body faded away, the finale followed a dramatic showdown with Palpatine.

With a return as a Force Ghost now out of the question, we're looking forward to seeing what the franchise has in the works.