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Actor Heights Versus Character Heights

Actor Heights Versus Character Heights

Actor Heights Versus Character Heights

"We need you to cast the role of Hagrid in the Harry Potter adaptation." Sure, no problem. "They need to be warm, humble, but able to convey a sense of power and bumbling idiocy." Shouldn't be a problem. "And the character is 11 feet six inches, so it would help if they're tall". Right. 

We don't envy the job of casting directors, particularly when they're given the task of finding actors for a role that's going to rely on CGI trickery. Will the special effects crew prefer an oddly proportioned unknown or a mismatched famous face? Will the fans even notice? Do they even know how tall Hagrid is?

It's a question that's clearly been mulled over by the Love Reading team. Their infographic delves into three of the biggest fantasy franchises - material known for having strangely proportioned characters - highlighting the difference in height between actors and the characters they're cast to play.

From exact matches to remarkable CGI tweaks, here's how the casts of Harry PotterThe Hobbit and A Game of Thrones stack up. 

(Images: Rex; Love Reading)