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A radio station is playing Killing In The Name on loop, in protest right now

KISS Radio is raging against the corporate machine.

A radio station is playing Killing In The Name on loop, in protest right now

Well, this is something: Canadian radio station KISS Radio has been playing Rage Against The Machine's Killing In The Name on loop, since it was revealed that three popular presenters on the station have been let go.

If you head to its streaming service right now (well, at the time of going to print) RATM is still playing - and it has been playing for some 24 hours.

The station, usually known for its soft rock, has been broadcasting a censored version of Killing In The Name on loop, in what appears to be in protest of Kevin Lim and Sonia Sidhu leaving the station - something they announced on Twitter.

Another DJ, Tara Jean Stevens, also revealed that she was leaving.

The stunt has gotten the attention of Tom Morello of Rage, who retweeted the news that KISS was playing his track back to back.

This isn't the first time that Killing In The Name has been used in protest, with the song getting to the UK Number One spot at Christmas in 2009.

This was following a Facebook campaign which encouraged people to buy the song to stop those pesky folks at The X Factor getting to number one.

Some are saying that this may be a 'stunt' to highlight the station's potential switch to harder rock music, but it certainly feels like a protest rather than anything else.