A-listers revealing their pet peeves is brilliant


Contrary to popular belief, A-listers are flesh and blood just like you. They feel, they love, they spend weekends scooping ice cream into their mouths and watching Netflix, and they have pet peeves.

Thankfully for them, US late night TV host Stephen Colbert has given these showbiz types a way to express their bugbears in front of the world, inviting the likes of Tom Hiddleston, James Corden and Anna Kendrick to take part in this brilliant video.

From David Duchovny complaining about he's regularly abducted by pedantic aliens wanting to tell him where The X-Files got it wrong, to Sam Rockwell’s gripe that people assume just because he played a murderer in The Green Mile that he isn’t a murderer in real life (the audacity), it’s a highly interesting - and not to mention important - watch.

Oh and Tom Hiddleston is not Michael Fassbender, okay? Now please just accept this and move on.