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A guide to office toilet etiquette

A guide to office toilet etiquette

A guide to office toilet etiquette
06 October 2014

It's a nightmare scenario. Those three cups of tea you had this morning have seemingly conspired to arrive at your bladder in unison, resulting in a bowed jog to the office toilet in order to alleviate the swift, unbearable pressure build up.

As you pass the kitchen and make a b-line for the facilities, you notice to your horror - which doesn't help the pressure situation - that your boss is making the same trip. Cursing your synchronised drinking habits, you realise you can't risk waiting five minutes for him to finish up and vacate the shared bathroom premises. You're going to have to relieve yourself in the company of your employer.

Rather than sprint to the nearest public restroom and risk serious internal ruptures, the above setting can be faced with assured confidence thanks to the help of the following advice. The etiquette experts of TinderPoint have compiled a practical list of dos and don'ts for the office bathroom - from required "wiggle room" to creating the right atmosphere.

Be sure to store this away for referencing next time nature calls. And please, remember to wash your hands.

(Images: Shutterstock; TinderPoint)

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