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A British UFO conspiracy theorist has died in mysterious circumstances

He had texted his mother “If anything happens to me, investigate” days before

A British UFO conspiracy theorist has died in mysterious circumstances

Generally speaking, most people know where they stand on conspiracy theories: they are dismissible nonsense, crackpot mumbo-jumbo believed only by deluded fantasists. But every once in a while, something happens which makes you - for the briefest of seconds – entertain that idea that maybe, maybe they might have been onto something…

Try this story out for size: the ufologist, paranormal researcher and conspiracy theorist Max Spiers passed away while visiting Poland, days after texting his mother “Your boy’s in trouble. If anything happens to me, investigate." He was also reportedly suffering from migranes and had been vomiting a black liquid.

The Polish authorities told his mother, Vanessa Bates, that a 39-year-old Spiers had died in July as a result of natural cause, despite no postmortem being carried out on his body to ascertain this.

A week after his death, Spiers’ body was flown back to the UK, where it is currently undergoing a postmortem, a postmortem which Bates says she still has not heard any results from. “Max was a very fit man who was in good health and yet he apparently just died suddenly on a sofa,” Bates told Kent TV station KMTV.

So what did Spiers know which might’ve got him whacked?

First off: he was a UFO researcher and was due to give a talk about conspiracies and UFOs days before his death. Discussing the people her son had got involved with while in Poland, Bates said: “These people seemed to be involved in some very, very dark and dangerous areas of the world and I was afraid that as he was gaining popularity and fame perhaps somebody would want him out of the way i.e. not alive any longer."

In another interview with Metro, Scott C Waring of UFO Sightings Daily said: “This is really strange. It does seem that UFO researchers are now being targeted, probably to slow the rate of information being leaked to the public.”

The idea that UFO researchers are being targeted and subsequently assassinated isn’t even new. In a 1971 piece titled Liquidation of the UFO Investigators for Saga Magazine, the researcher Otto Binder claimed that “no less than 137 flying saucer researchers, writers, scientists, and witnesses” that has passed away in less than a decade in the “most mysterious circumstances.”

In response to Waring’s accusations, journalist Nick Pope – who spent the early Nineties investigating UFOs for the Ministry of Defence, tweeted:

At this point, you might be anxiously scanning your room and indiscriminately yanking cables out of your walls in case ‘they’ are spying on you, but before you pull that tinfoil hat so far over your head you can’t see, it’s probably worth considering what Spiers actually believed.

Spiers had publicly claimed to have been a victim of a mind control programme, perpetrated by the British and US governments in collaboration with surviving Nazis, to create an army of ‘super soldiers.’ He was also convinced we are being controlled – or else strongly influenced by – extra-terrestrial beings, with women in particular deployed by these beings to seduce powerful leaders and ‘download’ their secrets through sex.

Err… Let’s just say that, until further evidence comes to light, we’re tentatively with the authorities on this one.