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A beautiful Great American Novel map

A literary tribute

A beautiful Great American Novel map
12 November 2015

If you're writing a book, and you want it to be considered a Great American Novel, well, you'd better step your game up.

Because you're aiming to join a legacy of some seriously talented writers, and some seriously amazing books.

A novel that captures the culture of the United States at a specific moment in time, the canon of great books has grown along with the country itself since independence in the 18th Century and this beautiful poster captures 42 of them, together with the location in which they are set. From Ahab off Nantucket, to Ignatius J. Reilly in the Big Easy, Tom Joad fleeing the Dust Bowl to HST entering Bat Country - it's all here.

The hand-drawn, hand-screened map made by Hog Island Press, based in Philadelphia, can be preordered now, costing $30 (£20) and will ship from 18 November

Head here to get your 25 x 19″ print.