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25 Pieces of Wisdom From Editors Lyrics

25 Pieces of Wisdom From Editors Lyrics

25 Pieces of Wisdom From Editors Lyrics
06 March 2014

Editors have quickly become one of the UK's best-loved bands, finding success in Europe and across the world with their epic soundscapes and Tom Smith's distinctive, emotive baritone vocals.

They also have a fine way with a lyric; we've scoured their back catalogue to find you 25 pieces of unmissable wisdom contained within their songs. Read and learn.

Editors latest album The Weight Of Your Love is out now. Their new single Sugar is released 24th March (watch the video here). Editors play London's Roundhouse on 18th and 19th March (dates now sold out). For more information visit

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"There's nothing harder than keeping a promise"

The Weight Of The World

"Every little piece of your life will mean something to someone"

A Ton Of Love

"You gotta learn to be thankful, for the things that you have"


"People are fragile things, you should know by now - be careful what you put them through"

Smokers Outside the Hospital Doors

"The saddest thing that I'd ever seen, were smokers outside the hospital doors"

An End Has A Start

"You came on your own, that's how you'll leave. With hope in your hands and air to breathe"

Like Treasure

"Love, it isn't felt: Love is tested"

Push Your Head Towards The Air

"When you fall and you can't find your way: push a hand up to the sky"

All Sparks

"All sparks will burn out in the end"


"In the end all you can hope for, is the love you felt to equal the pain you've gone through"


"If something has to change then it always does"


"Fortune favours the brave"

When Anger Shows

"How can you know what things are worth if your hands won't move to do a days work?"


"But don't you understand? The hunger makes the man"


"Collide into me, 'cause it feels right"

The Big Exit

"I love you as my blood flows, as the rain ruins my best clothes; you're a secret only I know"

The Racing Rats

"I keep up with the racing rats and do my best to win"

Forest Fire

"I'll miss this when it's gone; let's not waste life, come on, come on"

Bricks & Mortar

"This home is more than bricks and mortar"


"If there really was a God here, he'd have raised a hand by now"

No Sound But The Wind

"Help me to carry the fire, we will keep it alight together. Help me carry the fire, it will light our way forever"

Last Day

"In the final minute, of the final hour; look around, you will find, we’ve all been loved"

The Weight

"I'm a man holding the weight of love. But without it my strength just isn't enough"


"It breaks my heart to love you"

Come Share The View

"Only got one chance, gotta make it pay"