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15 times University Challenge summed up what it means to be British

15 times University Challenge summed up what it means to be British

15 times University Challenge summed up what it means to be British
27 July 2016

In a post-Brexit Britain divided between the 48 and the 52, can anyone really claim to know what it now means to be British?

Yes. We can.

Being British is best summarised by the hit game show University Challenge, hosted by Jeremy Paxman and featuring an eternally spinning carousel of knitted jumpers. Read on to see why. 

When Liverpool University went for an actual brick as their mascot

And Warwick seemingly went for a Screwball cup.

When this young man said the words "hapax legomenon"

Loveday for Labour leader.

And then it made actual headlines

World news? Nah, did you hear this guy say loads of syllables? 

When Oscar Powell pulled the face we all make when pretending we didn't get our mate's text

If aliens came down to earth and asked for one facial expression that summarised being British, this would be it. 

When persistence paid off

Sort of.

When the national response to someone wearing a leather vest was "uproar"

And Julian Clary threatened to call the police.

When this 2 second clip of a man scared of a buzzer summarised basically your entire life

Trigger warning. 

When this young man refused to choose between an afro and a quiff

When people say "Make Britain great again" are they referring to this? 

When this woman unashamedly admitted she is studying "sphincter preservation"

We can really get behind that.

When Harry Actual Potter popped along for a gander

We're so glad he's getting out and about a bit more. 

When absolutely no one could recognise the work of Grandmaster Flash

Did we mention Oscar Powell?

Oscar Powell for second-Labour-leader-after-we're-forced-to-vote-again. 

When the show fully supported our emo phase

Post-Brexit Britain in one photo. 

When everyone just sat around in silence rather than admit they didn't know the answer

Aka acted like you do in 98 per cent of all social scenarios. 

Basically just this entire jumper

Vote here to make this jumper the new British flag.