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10 things you should never Google (according to Reddit)

You're going to need to burn your browser history after this

10 things you should never Google (according to Reddit)

Remember the first time you ever encountered Google?

Way back in the mists of the late Nineties, that horizon-expanding moment when you realised you could look anything up - swiftly followed by a brain melt down when you realised you had nothing you really wanted to look up.

The following topics are sort of thing your mate Steve (everyone has a mate called Steve, right?) would suggest "for the laughs". Compiled under an Ask Reddit conversation of 'What shouldn't you Google', these are the deeply disturbing topics that you will immediately regret hitting 'Search' on.

Seriously, don't do it. Some of these images and details may scar you for life. Or until Sunday, at the very least. 


"What could be so bad about Fournier?... oh LORD."

Mouth larva

Step one: bunch your hand into a fist.

Step two: insert it into your mouth in horror.


Just in case you needed convincing that male jewellery was a bad idea.


It might sound like a character from the Marvel canon, but it's won't be appearing in the Avengers


Sound advice.


That's a search term you don't want to shorten in a hurry. 

Calculus Bridge

Nope. Nothing to do with maths. Unless X=disgusting.

Harlequin ichthyosis

Your eyes can't un-see that kind of thing.

Blue waffle

In all seriousness, this is so NSFW that HR could probably fire you on the spot.

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