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Nanoleaf Lines Squared review

Proof that sometimes being square is cool…

Nanoleaf Lines Squared review
15 March 2023

Nanoleaf has lit up the smart light market since 2016 with a unique take on lighting for the home. Barely a TikTok video or Twitch stream goes by without a glimpse of its light systems in the background.

The Nanoleaf Lines Squared is its latest, made up of backlit light bars that can be combined to create a number of geometric shapes, using 90-degree angles.

This ‘Line up’ comes hot on the heels of its 60-degree variant. The 90-degree style means this one can easily work around shelving units and the like, as well as creating a square pattern (hence the name).

ShortList has been lighting up its life with these for a while now. Here are 5 things to know about the Nanoleaf Lines Squared.

Nanoleaf Lines Squared review
Image Credit: Future

1. Design is different to other Nanoleaf products

There have been a number of light shapes from Nanoleaf over the years. Where the Nanoleaf Triangles and Nanoleaf Hexagons are wall-mounted light-up panels, the Lines line-up is different. Put these on your wall and you get an RGBW outline, instead of a solid block of colour.

This makes them stand out against the competition, but it also means you have to be a little bit more creative when it comes to designing a pattern for your wall.

The Lines Squared light strips are white and made of a lightweight plastic. Instead of shining colour through the front like a classic Nanoleaf panel, they are lit from behind and cast a colourful glow onto your walls.

There is a controller built into the first connector, or you can use the app on your phone to go deeper and start creating your own light scenes.

Nanoleaf Lines Squared review
Image Credit: Future

2. Installation is easy

Anyone who has used Nanoleaf lights before will be at home here. The lines slot together using square connector blocks. Each of these has four connecting points — up, down, left or right, you choose.

In the box you get the connectors and four Lines. If you opt to get the expansion pack, you get another three lines to add to your collection.

As mentioned, there is also a Controller Cap connector with buttons to turn the lights on and off, flick through any saved lighting Scenes you have, change the brightness, and there is also a dedicated music visualizer button.

To install, you simply connect them up in the shape you want then use the adhesive back to stick them on your wall. You then head to the app to pair the system with your home Wi-Fi.

Nanoleaf Lines Squared review
Image Credit: Future

3. Configuration is key

The app is where the magic happens. If you need it, there is a Layout Assistant in the app that helps you find the best setup for your room. Alongside this is an AR feature that allows you to see what the setup will look like before you stick it to your wall.

There are also two features you will definitely want to try. The first takes a (Nano)leaf out of rival Philips Hue's book and lets you sync up your lights with whatever is happening on your TV or computer screen.

You will need to download the Mac or PC app to sync this up, and movies will need to be shown via HDMI on your PC but this is a really fun addition and certainly adds another dimension to your room’s light show.

Music sync is another feature we like using. It animates the lights to match whatever music you listen to. We found we could only use this for a few tracks, though, before it got a bit too much.

Nanoleaf Lines Squared review
Image Credit: Future

4. You will want to expand

When testing the Nanoleaf Lines Squared, we combined the Starter Kit (which comes with four Light Lines) and the expansion kit, adding three more Light Lines.

We would say that this is the minimum you should have in the setup. Consider this when costing up Nanoleaf Lines Squared for your room.

Having seven lines to play with opens up far more patterns, and looked a lot better on our wall. In total, you can have 18 lines per power supply.

If you already have a Nanoleaf rig on your wall, the good news is you can group your setups together so the lights work as one. You can’t just add Triangles etc to your Lines configuration but you can have them side by side and mix the patterns up a little.

Nanoleaf Lines Squared review
Image Credit: Future

5. You will be forever changing colours

Nanoleaf offers A LOT of colours to choose from and, if you are anything like us, you will be constantly in the app trying out the myriad combinations available.

Nanoleaf Lines can emit two colours at once as well, which adds to the customisation abilities of the lights.

There are over a million variations, and the great user community creates new scenes all the time, so you will never be bored with the same old look in your room.

Nanoleaf Lines Squared review
Image Credit: Future

Nanoleaf Lines Squared Final Verdict

Nanoleaf Lines Squared adds another fun dimension to any Nanoleaf setup, offering up new ways to project light on your walls.

Nanoleaf is one of the best modular smart lighting systems around. While adding Triangles or Hexagons to your wall will have more impact, we really like the versatility the new 90-degree Lines serve up.

Nanoleaf Lines Squared proves once again how Nanoleaf keeps exploring up new angles to get its smart lights on people’s walls, and that is always a good thing.

The Nanoleaf Lines Squared Starter Kit is available from £89.99. The expansion pack costs £49.99.

New Nanoleaf
New Nanoleaf
Nanoleaf Lines Squared Starter Kit
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