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Upgrade your office etiquette


Upgrade your office etiquette with a bit of help from New York’s @MisterManners

Pick up the phone

“It can be so simple to accomplish something with a phone call, whereas with email there’s a lot of back and forth. Nuance and niceties get lost. ‘Get me that report’ in the subject header is not an email.“

Take your style cues from your superiors

“See how your boss dresses. That’s an indicator of how you should present yourself if you want that role. And no flip-flops, that’s a biggie.“

Treat people well, get ahead

“The nicer you are, and the better you treat people, the more likely you‘ll get the things you need.“

Remain present

“Being on your phone or tablet is not needed in a meeting. Even if the boss is doing it, that doesn’t give you licence to not pay attention.“

Be communal

“Personal items around your desk should be appropriate; personal calls will get you a reputation for being a slacker. Be aware of your conduct: no naked calendars.“