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The world's 50 most visited tourist attractions


What has over 1,200 nozzles, 5,000 lights, shoots water 140 metres into the air and is watched by 39,668,221 people a year?

Points go to those of you who answered the Bellagio fountains of the Las Vegas Strip - the most visited tourist attraction in the world. Keep that in your pub quiz arsenal for future reference, along with the 49 other attractions amassed on Love Home Swap's guide to the world's tourist hot spots.

Only one British venue manages to sneak into the top 50 - the British Museum pulling in a comparatively meagre 6,701,036 every year.

If you're planning your holidays and looking to see what all the international fuss is about, this is the list of all lists. Likewise, if your idea of the perfect break is one that avoids people, the following serves as a useful guide of locations to avoid at all costs. Happy travels.

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(Images: Allstar; Love Home Swap)

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